Control Procrastination with Mindfulness

Give Distraction a Name and a Face

I’ve seen lots of posts over the years about procrastination. Many have offered their takes on why we put off important to-dos until a later, inopportune time. It’s an impulsivity problem. It’s actually good for you (e.g. helps identify unnecessary tasks). Within limits, it even makes you more creative.

While all the above is helpful, the following TED talk by Tim Urban, a blogger at Wait But Why, gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of how his mind procrastinates. Not sure if he’s the first, but he personifies the competing impulses in his head and brings them to life through hilarious illustrations. (more…)


According to the Artist and the Fundamentalist

Just started reading The War of Artby Stephen Pressfield. It’s (so far) a fascinating look into the life of a creator of any kind, a person who seeks to live into a higher purpose, who meets Resistance (i.e. fear/friction), and tries to push through it.

The bit about contrasting the Artist with the Fundamentalist is brilliant. Just wow. Anyone read this? Have thoughts to share? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

*See posts on the second and third books.