Renjie Abraham

Hi, I’m Renjie Abraham. I am writing a book called Made to Learn: Reinventing Christian Education.

In my years of teaching, I’ve thought a lot about what Christian education should be but often isn’t. I’d like to help change that.

What’s the problem? Unsatisfactorily answered questions. Big questions, like:

  • Why do Christian schools exist? (To transform the world?)
  • How do they form students to that end?

Even schools that pay lip service to changing the world are betrayed by structures that communicate an entirely different message. In practice, they exist to prepare young people to go to college, work for others, and fulfill a national agenda.

Not exactly life in the Kingdom of God or anything different than what you would find in government-run schools.

What do I promote as an alternative combination of purpose and approach? Here’s some of what you’ll read about:


  • To love God, self, and people
  • To live a life of worship
  • To live a healthy life in all its facets (spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, social, etc.)
  • To learn for pleasure (growth as an end, not just a means)
  • To be in the world, but not of it
  • To boldly create as entrepreneurs to meet the needs of others
  • To change the world


  • NO standardized curriculum (unschooling)
  • Self-directed learning based on personal interests and abilities
  • Intentional Christian mentoring
  • Purposeful life planning from a young age
  • Life prep, not just college prep
  • Mixed-age learning environments
  • Empathy through exposure to diverse resources
  • Right practice, not just right thinking
  • Common grace and special grace
  • Real empowerment (democratic schooling)

I would love to connect with like-minded people. If you’re passionate about Christian education, unschooling, and/or democratic schooling, please follow this site on social media and share it with others.

This blog is a crucible where I will refine my thoughts. I would love your feedback and questions, via blog comments or email. If you subscribe to my email updates, you can write me back by hitting reply.

Thanks for thinking out loud with me. 🙂

My Biography

I have been a teacher since 2004. I’ve taught middle school Bible, middle and high school Math, and high school Social Studies and Physics. Most of that was in the context of Christian schools in Alabama (RA) and Rwanda (KICS), with a brief stint at a public middle school in Illinois (ZCMS).

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from Trinity International University. I’m a thesis paper away from holding a Master’s degree in Teaching from the same school.

My Family

Heather and I have been married for three years. We have a young son and a younger daughter on the way. 🙂


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