Back in the USA!

Finding Life After Rwanda

Heather, Francisco, and I are back in Chicago! We arrived a few days ago on Monday, and are still jetlagging quite a bit. It’s been a tough adjustment leaving Rwanda and reentering our former home. We’ve changed and the US has changed since we last lived here. You have changed too. 🙂

Getting our heads around who we are and who we want to be in an old-but-new place while fighting physical fatigue is no easy feat. It’s not even as if we can define the task. Really, what does it mean to reinvent our lives? Here’s just a few of our present challenges:

  • Growing family. Heather is due in June, which means we shortly go from three to four. This is huge.
  • Housing. Staying with family works for now, but where will we live longer term?
  • Stuff. We have some stuff in storage, but starting over means figuring out what we really need. (Perhaps we should become minimalists.) What to buy? What to sell?
  • Vocation. This is no vacation. Real life starts immediately. I’m currently self-employed, which means I’m not in a position to pay the bills. I’ve spent a lot of time this week looking for opportunities to make ends meet while planning for long-term ventures. I need a job, but what should I do? Tutor? Teach?
  • Friends. We miss our friends from Rwanda. We want to remember them well and keep in touch when possible. But we also want to establish our social circles here. We look forward to reconnecting with our longtime friends, but know that our relationships won’t be the same. Who are our real friends?
  • Time to read and write. I can forgive myself for not posting in a while on account of jetlag and life changes. I’ve felt unable to read or think this week. My brain only has room for immediate needs. Reading and writing are luxuries that I can’t afford at the moment. But they have become so basic to who I am, that I need to schedule time each day to make it happen. Which means I need to order the rest of my life around my goals for reading and writing.

I’ll leave it that for now. I just needed to write something sooner than later. Thank you for welcoming me back from my brief blog hiatus by reading this, and thank you for supporting our transition back to a new life. New place but still the same goal: love people and change the world. 🙂

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