Another Go

Maybe Not the Last

Time to resurrect this blog, after scrapping all my previous posts a while back. The old posts were quite dated in that I’ve changed quite a bit since I last wrote on this blog with any regularity. What are some of the changes? Here’s a few, personal and professional, past and pending:

  • got married (Aug 2012)
  • resumed teaching middle school Math after a three-year hiatus at a public school (Aug 2012)
  • moved to Rwanda (Jan 2013)
  • started co-writing another blog about life abroad with my wife (Jan 2013)
  • switched to teaching high school Social Studies at a private international school (Jan 2013)
  • welcomed our first kid into the world (Jan 2014)
  • will add Economics, Psychology, and Physics next year, subtracting US History and Comparative Government; will keep World History 1 & 2 (Aug 2014)

Lots of new perspectives, so lots of new directions for future posts.


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